Groundbreaking at TimberMill Shores

Work has begun on the new DHS facility to be constructed at TimberMill shores. The three-story 91,950 square foot building will bring completion to a long-awaited consolidation of separate departments within the State of Oregon Department of Health and Human Services, with the location near other essential facilities in the downtown area. Completion is expected in April, 2022.

People's Bank of Commerce

People's Bank of Commerce mixed use, two story 8,200 sq.ft building is going up! This beautiful building will include a full service bank branch on the first floor and three residential apartments on the 2nd floor. The bank branch will feature three walk up and one sit down teller stations, a drive-up teller window, a walk up ATM and have room to house their commercial lending team as well as a mortgage lending function.

The second floor will have two, 1,100 sq.ft., one bedroom apartments and one, 1,500 sq. ft. apartment. In addition to utilizing the geothermal resources available throughout TimberMill, the property will utilize solar power to meet the electrical needs, as well as provide power outlets for electric vehicles.

Geothermally heated walking/biking trail

Construction of the 3600 foot geothermally heated concrete walking biking trail has been completed providing public access to the lake front.

Vision for TimberMill Shores is Moving Forward

TimberMill Shores has seen significant activity in recent weeks. With the news that Rubicon Investments signed a long-term lease with the State Oregon for the Department of Human Services. There is renewed interest in the mixed-use campus. [...]

News of Construction at TimberMill Sparks Other Interest

Rubicon Investments acquired a government office lease contract from the State of Oregon, and it seems to have sparked new interest in the TimberMill Shores development. Rob Shaw, Managing Partner for TimberMill Shores, said that a new prospect for a movie theater has recently come to light. [...]